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Bamboeplanken Import Centrum Nederland
Dorpsweg 125
1697 KJ Schellinkhout

+31 (0) 229-501309


The Bamboo Plank Import Centre is the strategic partner of the Bamboo Information centre in Schellinkhout, The Netherlands. We focus on the sale and import of industrially manufactured bamboo planks in all current forms. We are proud of the fact that we have over a quarter of a century of experience importing from China, primarily to Europe but also to elsewhere in the world.

We deliver our products, by the container, throughout Europe via the Port of Rotterdam or the port of your choosing. We can arrange the entire process for you flawlessly, right up until transport to the delivery address provided.

Since the Bamboo Plank Import Centre started out in the early nineties – as a pioneer in the purchase of bamboo flooring under the brand name, Plyboo® – it has grown into an international supplier of the complete Chinese product package, with a focus on Europe.
It has everything from bamboo bridge decking to bamboo terrace decking, from bamboo outdoor panels to bamboo cladding boards, from composite bamboo furniture panels to sheet materials made of bamboo fibrewood, for both indoor and outdoor uses.


We keep most products in stock, in consultation with our partners.
Our products are manufactured by the best manufacturers of industrial bamboo planks and bamboo sheet materials found in China.
For example, if the project quantities exceed the quantities we have in stock, additional materials can be brought over from China more regularly, once you order on time.


  • Bamboo floors and stairs

  • Bamboo floors and furniture

  • Bamboo bridges

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